The Difficulties of being a Blackpool Fan

FA Cup Third Round weekend has just gone. For many teams, it was a weekend filled with elevation and hope. Premier league club’s thinking that this could be their year. Lower league teams yearning to get just to the next round so they could be drawn with one of the big dogs away. Non league teams with that belief that they could cause an upset that will be talked about for years to come.

But for a Blackpool fan, this is the sort of weekend that absolutely tears me in two. And this is why:

I’m sure by now everyone is perfectly aware of the Oystons, and how much we need them out of our club. With the Owner and Chairman being more focused on profits than results, one way that we (the fans) are trying to drive them out is with a boycott. By putting no money into the club through buying nothing from the club, including tickets (home and away) and merchandise, we want the Oystons to lose money through Blackpool and make it more financially beneficial for them to sell up.

And this is where I bring it back to the FA Cup. The English FA has installed a system where both home and away teams for every tie of the competition get 45% of gate receipt revenue each. Normally, this is a fantastic rule that means that both clubs benefit from each round; especially if a lower league team hit the jackpot and they are drawn against a top Premier League side away they could make more money from that away game than their entire season.

However, it is for that reason that Blackpool need to exit the worlds oldest club competition. Every game played in this competition, the Oyston’s wallets become a little heavier. With ticket sales and progression fees (and potentially even TV fees), the FA Cup could be a potential gold mine for the Oystons.

And this is where it breaks my heart. Effectively, I want the opposing team to beat the club that I have grown up with and, despite all that is going on, still love. But because I still love my club, whoever it is we face in the tournament, they need to knock us out. This is where it has come to being a Blackpool fan, and wanting the Oystons out at all costs.

And lastly, it is having to explain all of the above as to why you want your club to get beat on FA Cup weekend.

Christoper Bell



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