Is the Chinese Super League actually a good thing for English football? 

What has happened in China? It seems that they have just decided that they fancy having some decent football over there all of a sudden. And with the financial prowess of the private companies that own the 16 teams in the league, China are able to easily bully past second-tier European leagues, if not the top five leagues also.

For now, however, it is obvious that Chinese football is quite far off the quality standards we have come to expect of the premier league et al.

But with names like Hulk, Tevez, Oscar, Demba Ba, Gervinho, and Pellè already having made the move to China, and players like Diego Costa, Cristian Benteke, Ighalo and Ashley Young all linked with making moves this January transfer window, it won’t take long for the quality of football in the East to improve drastically.

And with China’s seemingly unlimited budget, maybe we will even start to see players that challenge for World Player of the Year or Ballon d’Or deciding to play their football in Asia.

Even top managers like Sven Goran Erikson, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Pellegrini, and Andre Villa Boas have decided to make the switch to this up and coming league.

It appears though that, for now, the teams in the Chinese league aren’t interested in English players. With only one player rumoured to be linked in the list above, and only one (relatively unknown) English player to have ever played in the Super League (List of Foreign Players in CSL), it seems that the likes of Deli Alli and Adam Lallana are here to stay.

So, further to China’s apparent disinterest in English players, could we start to see top premier league teams with more home nation players in their starting line ups? If China can start beating the English league to the top foreign players, surely the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and City will have no choice but to look into their own systems and give more home grown talent a shot.

And surely this would mean that we may have more English players representing our top clubs challenging for the Premier League, and also even the Champions League.

Entertaining this thought further, with better English players striving in Europes most elite club competition, the English national team will unquestionably improve.

So, could this sudden pot of money coming from the East lead to the English national team’s first chance of glory in years? We can dream.

Christopher Bell



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