Is the Football League really Fit and Proper?

The Fit and Proper test is something that has been around in football since 2004, however when you see how some of our football league clubs are run you have to think whether or not the people who oversee this test are themselves suitable to be in charge of our beautiful game.

The man at the top of the Football League, Chief Executive Shaun Harvey was the CEO of Leeds United when they gambled with money they didn’t have in an aim to reach the top. He saw the club slip to the lowest point in their history. But this man is allowed to run the Football League without any fuss. Surely this isn’t right.

Just look over the past twelve months at the protests we have seen at the likes of Leeds, Blackpool and Charlton taking the later as the prime example.

They have seen matches disrupted due to the protests against the clubs’ owner Roland Duchatelet and the way he is running the club. A statement was released believed to be penned by him back in March 2016 that stated any fans who show anger towards the way the club is run would be removed and banned from attending matches.

As a football fan to be told I can’t support the club I love because a bloke with a lot of cash doesn’t like my opinion would be devastating and laughable. For a lot of people paying for a season ticket takes up a year of saving. It is the one escape from normal life and reality that people have. Acts like this show how far the game has drifted away from the fans. The heart and soul of the sport is being replaced by greed and money.

Another club that has been in headlines in the recent is Nottingham Forest. Once a giant of the English game but under the ownership of Fawaz Al-Hasawi they have become somewhat of a laughing stock at times. The club have today accepted a £3 million bid from Aston Villa for their skipper Henri Lansbury. This after Al-Hawasi refused to offer the player a new contract or put any money into the club while he tried to sell them too an American consortium. A deal which has since fell through.

We can’t afford to let our great clubs steeped in history to be taken over by people who only care about lining their pockets and have no interest in reaching out to the hard-working people who pack the terraces each week.

Surely the FA and Football League need to get to together and sort this out. The Premier League have much stricter rules than the Football League. Someone who appears to get around the rules time and time again is Leeds Co-Owner Massimo Cellino. He has been banned three times by the Football League but still he remains at the helm of the Yorkshire club. Though his days as the manager eater in charge of Leeds appear to be coming to a close. The people of Yorkshire will always be remined of how the Italian caused chaos and mass protests at the club.

The time for change is now. Too many of our great clubs have had their reputations within the game tarnished by people with no interests other than enhancing their egos.


Thomas Johnson



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