Blackburn Rovers were once at the top of English Football when under the management of Kenny Dalglish in 1995 they became Premier League Champions. However twenty two years on they find themselves in League One and have become the first team to have won the Premier League to be relegated to the third tier.

In 2010 Indian company V H Group bought the club for £23 Million under the name Venky’s London Limited. The group had never previously had any experience in football until the move and immediately said they would bring Ronaldinho to Ewood Park. As I’m sure you all know that never happened. Instead what they did was sack manager Sam Allardyce and replace him with Steve Kean. Who’s agent had helped the Venky’s with the purchase of the club.

That agent was Jerome Anderson who worked for SEM who formed a partnership with Kentaro a Swiss based company. Kentaro were the ones who advised the Venky’s on transfers. They allowed Anderson’s son Myles to sign a pre contract agreement with the club dispute having nothing to do with the day to day running of the club. Kentaro allowed the club to spent six times more in agents fees than actual signings.

Two years ago the owners stopped funding the meaning that the whole operation needed to be funded through player sales such as Jordan Rhodes and Tom Cairney who is one of the best players outside of the Premier League. If Rovers had owners who understood football rather that clueless businessmen who have not attended a match since 2014 they could of been back in the big time.

They Venky’s rely on “advisors” on how to run the club, who to buy and what to do with the manager. There is no communication from the board to the fans. Directors stay muted on the subject. They described the relegation last season as a temporary setback. How can Blackburn Rovers being in the third tier of English football be a temporary setback? The club is swamped with £100 million worth of debt and players which are worth more than a couple of million and could give the fans hope are sold off to line the owners pockets.

Now they are in League One further cost cutting will take place and it’s almost impossible to imagine what type of squad they will start the new season with. The likes of Jason Steele and Danny Graham are potentially going to be off loaded due to the wages they have and the refusal of the owners to pay them anymore.

With real backing Tony Mowbray could get this club on the right track with his knowledge and contacts. It is impossible to see that happening though as the owners are watching the club die and fall into ruin.

It is time for the Venky’s to either put some real money into the club and stop listening to these “advisors” who are doing nothing but lining their own pockets and laughing at a club who’s fans have had enough or sell up and get out while they can. The football club is a real part of Blackburn it helps to drive the local businesses. They need a successful Blackburn Rovers and without that they will struggle. Sell up and take your chicken with you. Your time in football has gone.


Thomas Johnson



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